Sunday, April 20, 2014

What Nitish Kumar Should Do To Regain His Lost Glory ?

Nitish Kumar tried to play” secular card” to attract Muslim community towards him.He was such brazen in his approach that he didn't mind insulting upper caste voters in order to gain the large chunk of Muslim votes..Political pundits had forewarned that this move would boomerang and Nitish Kumar will have egg on his face.But the arrogant chief minister refused to take note and went ahead in his pursuit.Now he has lost upper caste votes completely and Muslim are trusting Lalu prasad Yadav more for his consistent position.

The news emanating from the hinterland of Bihar is that Muslim community has rejected the JDU overtures completely.As per some reports Nitish Kumar would barely manage to win any seat.Thus his dream of becoming the Prime Minister of India will remain his dream only.

This heavy defeat will have huge repercussions.Nitish Kumar will lose his moral authority to govern the state.People had voted NDA not the JD U so his continuing in office would be difficult.He will have to be at the mercy of Congress to remain in majority.

Nitish Kumar can save his government and his image if he decides to throw away his Pakistan-hangover.He will have to realise that he has made the mistake .He needs to announce publicly that his deviation was temporary and now onwards he would concentrate on the development of Bihar.BJP in that scenario might forgive him and forge the alliance .These measures would only enhance the prestige of Nitish Kumar.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Nitish Kumar criticises Narendra Modi to grab media attention

If the Bihar plungs into that dark zone in which it was for 15 years during the RJD rule then the responsibility for this crime will be of one person only-Nitish Kumar.People of Bihar will never forget that for his own political ambition he betrayed them.BJP made him the chief minister and allowed him to take absolute control for the development of the state.Yet Nitish Kumar for his very own personal ambition parted ways on some very flimsy ground.His story was so weak that no one believed him and rejected his stance.

Instead of taking note of the prevailing sentiment at the ground level he stuck to his own theory and as a consequence has now lost his popularity and credibility altogether.He has become arrogant and lost his ways completely.If he does not mend his ways he would become a liability for the state.

Nitish Kumar had himself said once that Bihar is a KHATARA BUS which he has painstakingly repaired over these years.Bihar cannot compete with developed states for more than a decade even if it maintains its high rate of growth.

He was aware thus the continuity of the government and maintaining the high growth rate.But somehow someone planted secularism bug into him and he started behaving like other secular stalwarts-Lalu Yadav,Mulayam Yadav etc.

The other mistakes he committed was taking the support of educated class of Bihar for granted.He wanted them to belive in his fiction.No one bought his theory and have turned away from him.

Nitish Kumar now cuts a lonely figure.He relied upon the Congress which dumped him considering his declining influence.Now Nitish Kumar spares no opportunity to criticises Narendra Modi in order to grab some media attention.What a fall of a leader who was considered the best chief minister Bihar has had since its inception ?