Outsider Sharad Yadav has become burden for Bihar.

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Sharad Yadav

As long as Bihar remains backward and underdeveloped,politicians like Sharad Yadav and K.C.Tyagi would keep exploiting the situation for their personal benefits.It is strange that how these politicians with such low IQ managed to manipulate Nitish Kumar and secured the Rajya Sabha membership for themselves.

Nitish-Lalu:Do Jism Ek Jaan Now.Kya Hoga Bihar Ka ?Will the Jungle Raj return or Narendra Modi would trounce once again all of them?

Who would have thought that Nitish Kumar would join his mentor Lalu P.Yadav considering the bitterness in their relationships.Rabri Devi had been saying not-so-kind words about his personal and political life.But Nitish Kumar had to eat humble pie and was forced to seek RJD's help in order to save his government.Now he stands completely exposed.People know that this man is no different from his peers and can indulge in theatrics of any kind for his benefit.

Nitish Kumar:The most ridiculed Indian Politician today

Nitish Kumar is the most ridiculed Indian Politician today.Lalu Yadav in comparison seems very measured and consistent in his approach.Now Nitish Kumar has lost all the goodwill,sympathy,admiration towards him and realising his steep downfall he has gone back to his mentor for his political survival.This move will backfire badly because he has alienated all those who had been rooting for him for his developmental track record.Now he is finished literally and would have to toe RJD line for his existence.

What will happen to all those who have bought Cars and built houses if MY combination form the government in Bihar ?

As per reports Muslims have decided to support Congress-RJD combine to stop Narendra Modi.The community recognises the good work done by Nitish Kumar but consider him a non entity in National Politics.They however promise to back him to the hilt during the Assembly election.

Why Mithilanchal has become a safe heaven for terrorists ?

If you are a Bihari,residing outside the state,then you feel humiliated when someone points out that Bihar is the new hub of Terrorists.It seems that Mithilanchal has become a safe heaven for terrorists .There are various reasons for that;its proximity to Nepal is one among them.