Nitish-Lalu:Do Jism Ek Jaan Now.Kya Hoga Bihar Ka ?Will the Jungle Raj return or Narendra Modi would trounce once again all of them?

Who would have thought that Nitish Kumar would join his mentor Lalu P.Yadav considering the bitterness in their relationships.Rabri Devi had been saying not-so-kind words about his personal and political life.But Nitish Kumar had to eat humble pie and was forced to seek RJD's help in order to save his government.Now he stands completely exposed.People know that this man is no different from his peers and can indulge in theatrics of any kind for his benefit.

He tried to build his secular credential by attacking Narendra Modi personally.People were not impressed and hoped that he would mend his ways but he grew more defiant and kept repeating the same mistake again and again.Narendra Modi became the prime minister  and Nitish Kumar  has become politically insignificant  even in his own state.Those who would vote for him for his developmental credential in the next Assembly election would not do so because Nitisk Kumar will have to act as per the wishes of Lalu Yadav now .

For the time being he has managed to keep the JDU government afloat with the help of Congress and the RJD.The scenario however will change dramatically after the election.BJP will be the biggest beneficiary .No prize for guessing the biggest looser ?

Nitish Kumar:The most ridiculed Indian Politician today

Nitish Kumar is the most ridiculed Indian Politician today.Lalu Yadav in comparison seems very measured and consistent in his approach.Now Nitish Kumar has lost all the goodwill,sympathy,admiration towards him and realising his steep downfall he has gone back to his mentor for his political survival.This move will backfire badly because he has alienated all those who had been rooting for him for his developmental track record.Now he is finished literally and would have to toe RJD line for his existence.

It was Nitish Kumar who had parted ways with the RJD and secured important portfolio of "Railway Minister" in the NDA government. BJP allowed him subsequently to become the chief minister of Bihar despite having the more strength in the assembly.He was allowed to  work freely without any hindrance despite being resisted by the state BJP unit.

Nitish Kumar initially attracted much attention and praise for his developmental push.This led Nitish Kumar to believe that he own Bihar and his wish wrong or right should prevail at any cost.This kind of arrogance pissed the people of Bihar and they have shown him his true worth.

What will happen to all those who have bought Cars and built houses if MY combination form the government in Bihar ?

As per reports Muslims have decided to support Congress-RJD combine to stop Narendra Modi.The community recognises the good work done by Nitish Kumar but consider him a non entity in National Politics.They however promise to back him to the hilt during the Assembly election.

So like Uttar Pradesh,Bihar is also once again in the grip of Muslim-Yadav combine .MY combine is known for anarchy,goondaism,lawlessness and jungle raj due to various factors.

Whenever MY combination is in power the whole administrative machinery is hijacked by its cadre.Every transfer,posting,distribution of funds are done as per the wishes of the political worker.Bureaucrats are smart so they stop resisting and allow these fellows to do whatever they wish.

It is believed that the surge of support for Modi is such that any combine would fail to stop him to become the prime minister of India.But what will happen to Nitish Kumar?

If MY combination form the government in Bihar then what will happen to all those who have bought Cars and built houses?They will live in constant fear of receiving extortion calls.Will they migrate from the state ?People are nervous remembering the horrible 15 yrs of Jungle Raj.

The only comforting factor amidst these fearful prospect is that Lalu Yadav seem to have become wiser.He has not threatened anyone yet.Considering his own experience he is unlikely to let administration collapse completely.

If Lalu Yadav is able to provide clean government and keep the growth momentum intact;his standing would reach a new height.Developmental credential on his side ;he can achieve his cherished goal at the national level.

Why Mithilanchal has become a safe heaven for terrorists ?

If you are a Bihari,residing outside the state,then you feel humiliated when someone points out that Bihar is the new hub of Terrorists.It seems that Mithilanchal has become a safe heaven for terrorists .There are various reasons for that;its proximity to Nepal is one among them.

Nitish Kumar refused to take note of this alarming situation due to vote Bank politics.Lalu Yadav is unlikely to fare better in this aspect because of the same political compulsion.Only a communal party can muster enough strength to eject these dreaded terrorists.

Each and every citizen of this country is free to support any individual politician or Political Party of his choice.But no Politician or Party has the right to suppress anti national activities on any pretext.Those found indulged in those activities must not be spared.But there are several politicians who have been doing that kind of pathetic politics .These fellows must be reformed and told that “Do not break this country for your selfish purpose”?
Whenever pointed about the spreading of terrorists base in Mithilanchal ,people hailing from the region feel ashamed and enraged.They are poor ,compelled to earn their living far away from their home ,feel helpless and cannot voice their concern vociferously.

Election is the only time when they can teach these Politicians a lesson.It might not happen in this election but if the trend continues and they refuse to mend their politics.Then people will be compelled to show them their place,ultimately.

What Nitish Kumar Should Do To Regain His Lost Glory ?

Nitish Kumar tried to play” secular card” to attract Muslim community towards him.He was such brazen in his approach that he didn't mind insulting upper caste voters in order to gain the large chunk of Muslim votes..Political pundits had forewarned that this move would boomerang and Nitish Kumar will have egg on his face.But the arrogant chief minister refused to take note and went ahead in his pursuit.Now he has lost upper caste votes completely and Muslim are trusting Lalu prasad Yadav more for his consistent position.

The news emanating from the hinterland of Bihar is that Muslim community has rejected the JDU overtures completely.As per some reports Nitish Kumar would barely manage to win any seat.Thus his dream of becoming the Prime Minister of India will remain his dream only.

This heavy defeat will have huge repercussions.Nitish Kumar will lose his moral authority to govern the state.People had voted NDA not the JD U so his continuing in office would be difficult.He will have to be at the mercy of Congress to remain in majority.

Nitish Kumar can save his government and his image if he decides to throw away his Pakistan-hangover.He will have to realise that he has made the mistake .He needs to announce publicly that his deviation was temporary and now onwards he would concentrate on the development of Bihar.BJP in that scenario might forgive him and forge the alliance .These measures would only enhance the prestige of Nitish Kumar.