Nitish Kumar is inspired by the success of Arvind Kejriwal .He is thus in tearing hurry to regain the chair and start preparing for the election.But he has forgotten that people are not ready for the return of jungle raj so soon.

Nitish Kumar hopes that voters would trust him to deliver and ignore his alliance with the architect of jungle raj -RJD and The Congress.

The president of JDU Shard Yadav, however is hell bent on creating caste divide.He hopes that Mandalisation of Bihar politics would fetch him the desired result.What he forgets however is that Modi and Amit Shah is not from upper castes so his design is bound to fail.

Nitish Kumar :Destined to be marginalised further in the very near future .

Bihar has remained backward because of its pathetic political leadership.Nowhere self-serving politicians are allowed to dupe the public for so long as they have been doing in Bihar. 

Nitish Kumar seemed a bit different initially but succumbed to his basic instinct and revealed his true self which is no different from his peers.

It seems that Nitish Kumar assumed that for the sake of development of the state,BJP would allow him to dictate terms.In other words his calculation that due to its commitment for the development of state BJP would allow his whimiscal decisions go unchallenged proved wrong.The miscalculation backfired and Nitish Kumar had to eat the humble pie and seek the support of Lalu Prashad Yadav and Congress.Now he stands exposed and is destined to be marginalised further in the very near future .

The one person who has benefited most from Nitish Kumar's antics is Lalu Prasad Yadav.His acceptance is increasing and the way he has maintained restraint is commendable.Whereas Sharad Yadav has been issuing veiled threat to a certain section of society,Lalu Yadav has not joined him in that chorus so far.This kind of gracious conduct would bring political dividend to the RJD.