The future of Nitish Kumar ?

Nitish Kumar is harbouring great illusion about himself .He hopes to be the "KEJRIWAL" of Bihar.But the perception of people has turned very negative about him.As a result no one is willing to give him another chance.People are fed up with his dalliance with the Congress and RJD.He has developed the image of someone who can not be trusted at all.

People are aghast that this man pushed Bihar into anarchy for his personal ambition .They are convinced now that this man can compromise for anything to remain in power.He is someone who cannot be relied upon.

The prevaling political truth of Bihar is that Nitish Kumar can barely win a few seats of his own.He has lost all his followings.
On the other hand Lalu Prashad Yadav has been able to keep his vote bank intact.RJD leadership know this and has accepted Nitish Kumar as their chief ministerial candidate so that they do not squander their Muslim-Yadav vote.Once the results are out RJD are likely to assert and dump Nitish Kumar from the emerging power equation.

The only solace Nitish Kumar will have aftermath the election is that he will have the sympathy of Rahul Gndhi.Hopefully Rahul Gandhi will be kind enough to grant him an audience time to time.Nitish Kumar eminently deserves all this.

Will the People of Bihar trust Nitish Kumar yet again ?

Nitish Kumar is trying to assure the people of Bihar that as long as he is at the helm of affairs he will not allow Jungle Raj to return yet again.This assertion seems rather empty because he will be kept on tight leash by the RJD.
It was the BJP which had given him unbounded support to implement and govern the state as he desired.The same is not likely to happen with the support of the RJD.Lalu Yadav will kick him out at the first opportunity.People understand the situation and are unlikely to trust Nitish Kumar again.